Our Criteria & Investment Process

Our Investment Criteria

Battery Point Capital is an investment-oriented family office, formed to make control-oriented buyout investments in established lower middle-market U.S. companies as well as earlier stage, fast growing companies that are not yet profitable.

We prefer to make growth equity investments, both minority and control, in the following company types:

  • Companies in the following sectors: Manufacturing & Distribution, Business Services, Food & Beverage, Software, Technology and IT Services and Digital Media & Advertising.
  • Software Companies: we invest in growing (generally bootstrapped) software companies with developed business models and demonstrated growth potential. We look for a high percentage of recurring revenue, high gross margins, high customer lifetime value (CLV) and low customer churn.  We focus on growth potential rather than company size, but we generally require that a company has achieved product-market fit and has a clear plan to scale.
  • Traditional Companies: for established companies in other sectors (manufacturing & distribution, food & beverage, business services etc.), we seek a minimum $2 million of adjusted EBITDA and $5MM of revenue, but we will also consider fast growing but still unprofitable companies
  • While we prefer a management team prepared to work with us for a period post investment, we do have the ability to staff complete executive management teams in most cases.

Building Sales & Marketing

By far, the leading reason companies raise capital is to invest in sales and marketing. Once product-market fit is established, companies should be focused on building a great sales and marketing process.

In our experience, this requires companies to leverage the most relevant marketing channels and marketing technology in order to scale.  Whether this is executed via outsourcing or by building teams and processes internally is company specific – both approaches work, though we prefer outsourcing.

  • Companies should be building a company-specific sales process supported by strong software platforms that make closing sales, onboarding salespeople and scaling much easier
  • Companies should be building a company-specific marketing process that is measurable, scalable, and focuses on the most important channels and sources of customers
  • Companies should have a very clear idea of their various customer journeys and build a marketing plan that addresses every step of that journey

Explore an alternative to raising funds for sales and marketing: revenue share marketing.

Sales & Marketing – Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the companies we speak to spend far too little on sales and marketing (between 0 and 5%).

Your spend will depend on the opportunity – larger markets with good opportunities and low competition demand a budget of 20% or more of revenue for sales and marketing.

The rule of thumb for established and/or smaller companies ($5mm or less in revenue) is 5-10% of revenue should be allocated to sales and marketing efforts.

For faster growing companies (30% or more YOY growth), it is not uncommon to see budgets of 30-50% of revenue.

  • SaaS companies often spend anywhere from 80 to 120 percent of their revenue on sales and marketing. It then plateaus around 50 percent from year five on.

  • High-growth technology businesses spend 25 to 45 percent of revenues on sales.

  • A new product launch can boost sales and marketing costs to 30 percent for a small business, while the steady state spend is 10 to 20 percent of revenues.

  • High revenue/low margin companies can plot their spend goals against cashflow.

We are major proponents of outsourcing sales & marketing for most of our portfolio companies, at least in the early stages. The complexity and execution risk in the modern go-to-market effort is substantial, and the requisite talent to execute is simply too hard to find.

Even for larger companies with substantial revenue, we have pushed out the horizon on bringing sales and marketing in house.  Better to allocate that capital to professional support, onboarding, training new clients etc.

For marketing to be effective, it needs to be innovative and engaging, so relying on your own staff will only get you so far. Outsourcing connects you with marketing agencies that can stay on top of new technology and trends.

In a perfect world, a company would have a clear idea of how they would allocate the capital we might provide.  The level of detail in your plan will vary by industry, but here are our general views:

  • Have a plan for which positions you will seek to fill over the investment cycle, how you will hire them, what those people are expected to deliver, how you will measure their success, etc.

  • Website should be ready to serve as an assistive platform for your go-to-market efforts and facilitate a robust and rapid customer journey.

  • Have some experience with the basic elements of the sales tech stack and martech stack that are relevant to your go-to-market efforts.

  • Have a firm grasp of your key metrics – CLV, CAC, Churn Rate, etc.

  • Know which marketing channels you plan to invest in, based on direct experience.

  • Have a game plan for investing in a content strategy based on experience and/or reasonable predictions.

  • Be able to discern between your top-of-funnel and bottom-of-funnel marketing efforts and attendant budget need.

  • Have a proven sales process that enables/accelerates the purchase cycle.

In 2020, after countless interviews with external agencies, we decided to create a joint venture with a leading database company and a leading paid media company to deliver services to our portfolio clients. 

We now have substantially more control over the fate of our investments and can deliver best-in-class services to our companies. The specialists working with our clients have decades of marketing experience.

This joint venture is focused on delivering value in the core tasks and marketing channels as we see them – SEO & content marketing, web redesign, email marketing, paid search and social media marketing.

Growing via Acquisition

At Battery Point, we often provide capital for acquisitions and we have extensive career experience in increasing the valuation of a business via M&A driven growth strategies. We are able to help our partners drive value via acquisition through the following advantages and experience:

M&A execution is our core skill. Because acquisitions are our expertise, we often focus on acquisitions to add on to our existing portfolio companies whenever possible. We have extensive in eliminating overlapping costs post acquisition, allowing our portfolio companies to concentrate on growth opportunities.

We understand the need for thorough due diligence & research. We understand that much of our return on investment in an acquisition-based strategy is based on an ability to acquire businesses in the best way possible from the start and to minimize their risk. We are aggressive in sharing our M&A experience with our portfolio companies, providing them substantial help in identifying acquisition targets that fit their criteria.  Prior, we help perform substantial industry and competitor research as well as generate valuation estimates. We can also help our companies identify underperforming businesses that can be improved through better management and proper investment in critical areas.

We are experienced in the upgrade. As soon as an acquisition is completed, we help our partners establish strong financial controls, internal reporting, eliminate unprofitable units, streamline operations, and help management to identify operational inefficiencies. We also know the importance of having excellent software and IT operations and encourage our partners to move quickly to upgrade to the best available solutions that provide enhanced business analytics to support better decision making.

We can help with use of appropriate leverage. We help our partners access debt capital to fund an acquisition strategy, as leverage sets up a much higher internal rate of return (IRR) in the long run while also allowing our companies to consider large, transformative acquisitions.  As important, we understand how to leverage the balance sheet of the target acquisition to close larger acquisitions.

Minority Equity Investments

As a growth equity investor, minority positions are more the rule than an exception, so we are prepared to work with companies to create investment structures that fit best with their objectives.  In fact, we see minority investments as potentially more advantageous than control stakes for the following reasons:

Better investments: Companies selling minority stakes often have more attractive growth prospects, specific expansion plans, and clear roadmaps for investing the capital raised

Confidentiality and reduced execution risk: Sellers often don’t want to publicize their desire to attract a third-party partner and sell a minority stake, fearing adverse publicity and customer fallout if the transaction fails. Unlike the vast majority of control deals, minority deals are typically not consummated through formal auctions.

Competitive advantage for patient capital: Minority stakes usually provide early participation in the growth of companies, and allows us to build relationships with owners rather than simply participating in a public auction. Investing in building relationships with family owners and senior managers takes time and effort, but we have learned that all the calls, meetings, and industry conferences eventually pays off.


We do consider a variety of factors and take certain steps when making minority investments:

When they work: Minority ownership interests can work well when the key means of value creation are related to top-line growth and governance. These include facilitating organic or inorganic cross-border growth, professionalizing management teams and processes, enhancing governance, and consolidating fragmented sectors.

When they don’t: Minority investing can become problematic, however, when the investment thesis hinges on activities such as creating value through restructuring, improving operational performance, cost cutting, and supply chain initiatives. In these instances, majority ownership and a hands-on, control-oriented approach are often more appropriate.


Recruiting Talent

Don’t let business strategy be developed absent a thoughtful conversation on what talent needs you will have over the next months and years to execute on the strategy. In our experience, HR is too often trying to catch up to the staffing needs rather than having a measured plan in place to achieve hiring targets.

We have a process – We can conduct a thorough review of the hiring needs required for scaling

    1. Identify Organization Goals & Requirements
    2. Sourcing And Attracting The Talent
    3. Recruiting And Selecting The Talent.
    4. Employee Retention
    5. Promotion
    6. Performance Appraisal


Giving an unbiased view of your current team – We can see things that you cannot and can help identify key positions to be filled

Using our Rolodex – Recruiting specific players from our existing contacts and relationships to fill key posts

Getting your compensation scheme right – we can help create and implement a robust compensation program for your existing and potential C level executives

Evaluating leadership at add-on acquisitions – Due diligence of the C suite talent at potential acquisitions

Scaling the Business

When companies grow, they are increasing their revenue equally as fast as they are adding resources to enable that increase. When companies scale, on the other hand, they add revenue at a faster rate than they take on new costs. When establishing a scaling strategy for your business, you should have the following long-term goals in mind:

  • An established value ladder of products/services
  • Available subscription packages
  • High customer retention rates
  • Diverse income streams
  • Predictable revenue


Standardizing your processes: Scaling requires you to move beyond the start-up phase and standardize workflows so that they’re able to cope with increased market demands.  Leveraging technologies and full-suite solutions (i.e. QuickBooks) can help business owners grow their company while saving time and keeping upfront costs low.

Aside from automation, standardizing your business processes is another essential element of scaling. When you bring in new team leaders and middle managers, you must document and distribute a clear set of instructions to the personnel responsible for handling a certain activity.  These instructions should be repeated regularly and will ultimately convert an otherwise complex task into a structured regimen. Whenever confusion arises within the team, they can refer to the process checklist rather than you.

Identifying core competencies: To operate at scale, business leaders need to concentrate on mastering the company’s core competencies. For example, in every company, there are daily or weekly tasks that generate more leads and greater revenue than others. These are the tasks that must be prioritized on your business’s schedule, as they are the ones that stimulate growth.  Knowing how to scale a business begins with being able to identify where you offer the most value to clients and customers and aggressively ramping up those specific operations. We can offer a fresh perspective and key insights in this regard.

Leveraging equity: To execute your plan, you need funding to leverage and complement your equity capital. We have extensive experience in securing funding for small businesses, some that are standard, some that are new to the market – traditional term loans, short-term loans, business lines of credit, SBA loans, invoice financing, recurring revenue loans (based on MRR or ARR), etc.

Revenue Share Marketing

Through our in-house marketing platform, Scale Partners, we offer a solution for early stage companies.

  • Execute go-to-market w/o capital raise
  • No change to existing equity/cap table
  • Experienced marketing team
  • Focus is on demand gen, not lead gen
Visit Scale Partners

Who should apply – The Company must be generating revenue, have an established product/service with a short list of satisfied clients (product-market fit), and the capacity to grow (solid onboarding and CX).

Revenue Share Marketing: What is it?

  • The purpose of revenue share marketing is to provide early-stage or small companies, with little investment capital, access to an outsourced marketing team to get through the initial stages of go-to-market and revenue build.
  • The concept is straightforward – the Scale team creates their own marketing platform/website, builds it’s own databases, conducts it’s own direct marketing, and receives a commission for each sale.
  • There is an equity component. It is structured as a Commission Termination Fee.  Specifically, the company will have the option to terminate the contract at any time but must pay a termination fee to the reseller if/when the Company seeks to bring marketing in house, sell the Company etc.. If the partnership works well, our termination fee grows as we increase our sales.

Overview of rights and duties of each party:

Reseller Rights/Obligations

  • Reseller agrees to a minimum commitment period of 3 months
  • Reseller can build separate website & develop messaging (available for sale to Company)
  • Reseller has right to use any existing content
  • Reseller can create content (available for sale to Company)
  • Reseller can email to their database of proprietary leads
  • Reseller can conduct their own paid media marketing
  • Reseller has right to terminate contract (30 days notice) at anytime after the 3 month commitment period

Company Rights/Obligations

  • Company is obligated to update reseller on client wins and begin paying commissions within 30 days of receiving payment from referral
  • Company has right to purchase copy of site and content for a an agreed upon (stated in the contract) amount at anytime during the contract period and after the contract expires. 
  • The Company has the right to address any factual errors in site and email content


  • Education process – Company conducts full marketing due diligence with Reseller team
  • All lead flow will be captured in Reseller’s CRM system and be passed to Company
  • Leads can be subject to initial level of qualification (which can result in a higher commission rate)
  • Meetings will be set up in Company sales calendar for Company sales team
  • We will have access to the Company’s CRM system to track wins, close rates etc.

Revenue Share Marketing FAQs


How do you determine the % commission?

The general reseller commission rates in the market can range dramatically, from as low as 5% to as much as 50%. We look at your revenue model, pricing structure, the lifetime value of the contracts, your close rate history, etc.  

Why would Scale Partners elect to cancel?

We have the right to cancel the contract at anytime after the 3 month commitment period. Generally, if either 1) the close rates are low or 2) the response to our efforts is low (low traffic to our site, low content engagement etc.), we won’t continue our marketing efforts. Prior to terminating our efforts, we always work with the client to improve what we can before terminating our efforts.

How does the termination fee work?

The termination fee is designed to reward us for taking on a marketing commitment without any (or minimal) upfront fees.  We designed it to be a proxy equity stake. It isn’t actually equity and isn’t reflected as such on your cap table.

In a perfect world, we expect the termination fee to be relevant in only two situations – the company is purchased or the Company decides to move all selling and marketing efforts in-house.

Should you decide to hire your own marketing team at some point, you can end the contract and either pay us the entire termination fee at once, or simply allow us to collect commissions on the clients we produced for the next X years, the X being the termination multiple.

Process Questions

How long does it take to get started?

In our experience, it can take anywhere between two weeks and two months to get a marketing website launched and ready for conducting campaigns.  This is really a function of the complexity of the product or service and the amount of content creation that is available from the Company at the outset.

What kind of time commitment can I expect?

We designed this program to require a minimum amount of your time prior to execution.  Too many marketing companies foist a new and heavy marketing burden onto companies that simply don’t have the staff and experience to participate. There is a reasonable amount of due diligence that will be required upfront so that we can understand the Company and the content we will need to produce.

If the program works well, clearly we expect the Company to reinvest some of the new revenue and profits into a better marketing and closing effort. This  could be more of their own content ideas, better UX or CX software etc.

How does the lead hand off work?

At the start, we will discuss the right CRM system to use, if you don’t have one. Most CRMs have an API that would allow us to easily pass leads into your CRM system that you can then run through your own selling and onboarding process.

If you don’t have one, we will set one up for you but we will charge a nominal set up fee, depending on which CRM system you choose.

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Severability and Waiver


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Overview of the Agreement

  • Scale Partners (“marketing agent”) will produce and host a separate website (“marketing website”) for the purpose of generating leads for the Company. The marketing website will be based on the existing site for the Company.
  • The purpose of the marketing website will be to generate leads for the Company in an independent effort by the marketing agent.
  • These leads will be passed on to the Company via their CRM system. The marketing agent can monitor the progress of the lead closing rates by accessing the CRM system, and the Company will have access to monthly traffic reports of the marketing website.
  • The marketing firm will be paid a portion of all revenue that comes from the lead for the life of that contract. The Company can terminate this commission agreement by paying a commission termination fee, described herein.
  • The marketing agent will be subject to minimum website traffic requirements and will produce reports for the Company to confirm these minimum requirements.
  • The Company can purchase content and website features from the marketing agent subject to the schedule contained herein.


Marketing Agent’s Right to Create New Content/Marketing Website: The marketing agent will have sole discretion over the content and structure of the marketing website, with the exception of correcting factual information at the request of the Company.

Marketing Agent’s Right to Use Existing Content: The marketing agent will have the right to publish (on the marketing website) and distribute (via email and social media) any existing content (text, articles, videos, etc.) from the Company’s current website.

Referral Commission: Once a lead becomes a customer of the Company, ____% of all revenue that is paid by that customer to the Company is to be paid to the marketing agent within 30 days of the Company receiving that revenue.

Commission Termination Fee: If the Company elects to terminate the contract and the marketing agent is currently generating commissions at the time of the Company’s election to terminate the contract, the Company is required to pay a multiple of  ____ times the annual run rate of the current months commissions due to the marketing agent.  Example: If the current month’s commissions due are $10,000 then the annual run rate of commissions is $120,000.

Lead Hand Off:  The Company will be required to maintain their own CRM system to provide information on all leads passed by the marketing agent. Leads that are generated through the marketing agent’s efforts will be passed to the Company via the Company’s CRM system. The marketing agent will have access to this CRM system on a “read only” basis, which will provide the marketing agent with the ability to monitor close rates, win rates etc.

Company’s Ability to Purchase Content, Tools/Entire Marketing Website: The Company will have the ability to purchase any content and website pages/features produced by the marketing agent for the website and for campaigns, according the pricing schedule contained in this agreement. The Company will also have the right to purchase the marketing website and all content and analytics at any time during the life of the contract or after the termination of the contract, according to the price in the schedule. The marketing agent has the right to negotiate prices for any content, tools and the entire website, but there will be a stated price that the Company can pay for any content, tools and the entire site.

Content and Website Purchase Schedule:

___ cents per page for written content (articles, blog items etc.)

___ dollars for the entire website and content*

*Any tools, plug-ins, features that require a subscription will be assumed/paid for by the Company.

Notice – Enforcement of Marketing Agent’s IP Rights in Content: Marketing agent will use anti-plagiarism software to measure the level of similarity between our new content and the Company’s content. We will use plagiarism software to compare our content to the Company’s website content.

Exclusivity: The marketing agent will not conduct lead generation activities for any other company that is considered a direct competitor of the Company unless and until this contract is terminated. A direct competitor is any other company selling ________products or services.  The Company can conduct any marketing efforts on its own behalf and generate its own leads, and these leads will not be subject to the fee agreement contained herein. However, the Company will not engage any other lead generation company during the life of this contract so long as the minimum milestones contained herein have been met in the last two months.

Obligations of Confidentiality: Both parties agree to keep each other’s confidential information confidential. This means that they cannot disclose the information to any third parties without the written consent of the other party.

Renegotiation: Either party may request to renegotiate the terms of this Agreement at any time upon 30 days’ written notice to the other party. The parties shall use their best efforts to negotiate in good faith to reach a mutually agreeable amendment to this Agreement.

Google Analytics Reports: The marketing agent will provide the Company, on a monthly basis, a report on all website activity related to the marketing website.  This report will include basic traffic statistics as provided by Google Analytics.

Termination Rights of Agreement: The parties can jointly agree to terminate this agreement at any time. Either party may individually terminate this agreement upon 30 days’ written notice to the other party, subject to the following limitations:

  • Minimum 90 day marketing commitment: The marketing agent will engage in lead generation efforts for a minimum of 90 days and will meet the minimum marketing effort milestones during this period..
  • One year commitment from Company: The Company can unilaterally terminate this agreement at any time either 1) after one year has passed since the inception of marketing efforts (defied as the first campaign that contains at least 500 marketing contacts) or 2) the minimum marketing milestones haven’t been met for at least two months in succession

Minimum marketing milestones:
The following marketing milestones must be met by the marketing agent each month that the contract is in existence:

____ email campaigns per month

____ website visitors per month

These milestones will be confirmed via Google Analytics (or similar software) reports from the marketing agent, and this report will be provided to the Company within 15 days after each month.

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