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Raising Your Own Capital

We get a lot of requests for certain resources, software recommendations, lists, platforms etc., to help companies in their capital raising efforts. Below are some of our favorite sites, resources, platforms and some materials to help companies achieve their capital raising objectives.  If you have any additional questions about capital investment from Battery Point Capital, get in touch with us via our contact form (here). 

Need to reach out to investors, raise capital? Check out this platform

Foundersuite Tagline: Foundersuite brings structure, speed and efficiency to fundraising and investor relations.

Our thoughts – if you really want to DIY your process – this platform is the best and most cost effective way to access investor lists, term sheets, formation documents, a CRM for running a capital raise (or sale), a place to host your deck and make it available to investors (you can even track views, etc.).  It sure beats a $20-30k subscription to Pitchbook.com or Capital-IQ.

Want a great Powerpoint presentation to build upon? Download ours.

Having spent decades in capital markets at the largest investment banks, we have built our fair share of investor decks. We built a simple template based on the classic Sequoia Capital deck. Feel free to download it.

We also have hundreds of targeted decks laying around, let us know if you need a more industry-specific deck, we will see if we can get you one.

Need pitch templates or ideas?

Check out these sites.

Need a deck template that fits your industry? Looking for ideas on how to display your unique data or business plan!  We love these sites, they have great templates with any type of data chart or slide you could imagine. Take your pic, they all have different pricing plans.

Need to get your arms around your marketing spend?

Tagline: Plannuh’s all-in-one marketing platform helps you build, execute, & measure goals, campaigns, expenses, & business value all in one place for visibility, efficiency, & agility

Our thoughts – we speak to a lot of companies that have been managing their go-to-market plan with spreadsheets and post-it notes.  For those with significant marketing operations and spend budgets, this is an awesome platform to stay on top of your marketing channels and spend.

Need digital marketing help?

Talk to our digital marketing partner: Scale Partners

Looking for an experienced partner to initiate and manage your outbound process?  We partnered with an experienced digital marketing team in order to scale our clients fast. Whether it’s Email, Social and/or Dark Funnel strategies, this team has been very successful with our clients.

Marketing to the Self-Educating Prospect

Most leads are 80% educated by the time they get to your sales team.

“We are witnessing a decided end to the era where sales reps were the channel; now they are merely a channel to customers. Sales leaders reluctant to acknowledge customers’ digital-first proclivities will be outpaced by competitors delivering significant value through digital- and omnichannel sales models, engaging customers in digitally rich learning and discovery.”

  • Only 17% of the purchase journey is spent with sales reps
  • Customers percieve little value in interacting with sales reps

How prospects are educating themselves (The Dark Funnel)


…from your salespeople


…independent online research


…from independent buying groups


…independent offline research



Implications of Prospect Behavior

Customers prefer to educate themselves (The Dark Funnel).

We all know this – In B2B, buyers are doing most (80%+) of their buying research independently, prior to talking to sales. This research is done on your website (if you are lucky), industry publications, social media, tradeshows, peers, etc.

Here is the good news: If your website is set up to allow potential customers to conduct their journey without leaving your site (or minimally), you win.

  • Fewer salespeople
  • Fewer, more productive demos (higher close rates)
  • Shorter buying cycles
  • Better Margins/Less customer churn

What do your prospects need to self-educate and move fast?

Clear Positioning

  • State your sector
  • State your superpower
  • Identify an obtainable audience
  • Identify competitors
  • Use shared language in messaging

Helpful Content

  • Demo videos
  • Educational content
  • Comparison content
  • Onboarding content
  • Case studies

Helpful Tools

  • Learning Academy
  • Pricing schema
  • ROI Calculators
  • Competitive comparison table
  • Feature comparison table

Positioning & Messaging

Get the basic elements across immediately

(click to view each example)

Nail the basics:

  1. Sector or Marketplace – same for all the examples above – smaller font
  2. Bold statement/Superpower/Position within sector – large font
  3. Messaging – communicate the positioning more completely with language that your target market uses
  4. Call-to-Action buttons – direct them to your most compelling selling tools – whitepaper, calculator, pricing, learning academy, recorded demo

Mistakes to avoid:

  • Mysterious or no positioning – I don’t know what market you are in or what you do.
  • Using the bold statement to simply repeat your sector or marketplace
  • Call To Action buttons should be focused on learning tools that allow them to continue the journey on their own (recorded demos v. schedule a demo).  Put the “book demo” button in the menu bar.
  • Using stock images or images that aren’t specific to the industry


Bold Statement

We Do It All

Aggressive Call To Action

Compelling Offer

We Are World #1

We Are #1 in Our Space

We Own the Market

Best In Class

We Are The First

Try The Best

Intriguing Question

Aspirational Call To Action

Niche Market



Target Audience Praise

Scaling the Journey

Examples, How-To's and Tools

Video Strategy Note: 80% of people say they typically switch freely between online search and YouTube while researching a purchase

Our Favorite Resources

“An educated consumer is our best customer”  Sy Syms


Content Strategy

Content Execution


Category Creation

Venture Marketing

Through our in-house marketing platform, Scale Partners, we offer a solution for early stage companies.

  • Execute go-to-market w/o capital raise
  • No change to existing equity/cap table
  • Experienced marketing team
  • Focus is on demand gen, not lead gen
Visit Scale Partners

Who should apply – The Company must be generating revenue, have an established product/service with a short list of satisfied clients (product-market fit), and the capacity to grow (solid onboarding and CX).

Venture Marketing: What is it?

  • The purpose of venture marketing is to provide early-stage or small companies, with little investment capital, access to an outsourced marketing team to get through the initial stages of go-to-market and revenue build.
  • The concept is straightforward – the Scale team creates their own marketing platform/website, builds it’s own databases, conducts it’s own direct marketing, and receives a commission for each sale.
  • There is an equity component. It is structured as a Commission Termination Fee, or Buyout Fee.  Specifically, the company will have the option to terminate the contract at any time but must pay a termination fee to the reseller if/when the Company seeks to bring marketing in house, sell the Company etc. If the partnership works well, our termination fee grows as we increase our sales.

Overview of rights and duties of each party:

Our Rights/Obligations

  • We agree to a minimum commitment period of 3 months
  • We can build a separate website & develop messaging (available for sale to Company)
  • We have the right to use any existing content
  • We can create content (available for sale to Company)
  • We can email to our database of proprietary leads
  • We can conduct our own paid media marketing
  • We have the right to terminate contract (30 days notice) at anytime after the 3 month commitment period

Company Rights/Obligations

  • Company is obligated to update us on client wins and begin paying commissions within 30 days of receiving payment from referral
  • Company has right to purchase copy of site and content for a an agreed upon (stated in the contract) amount at anytime during the contract period and after the contract expires. 
  • The Company has the right to address any factual errors in site and email content


  • Education process – Company conducts full marketing due diligence with our team
  • All lead flow will be captured in our CRM system and be passed to Company
  • Leads can be subject to initial level of qualification (which can result in a higher commission rate)
  • Meetings will be set up in Company sales calendar for Company sales team
  • We will have access to the Company’s CRM sy